A Unique Australian Sport
Known by many as the “Melbourne Cup” of campdrafting, the Warwick Gold Cup attracts more riders and offers more prize money than any other campdraft in Australia. There is $274,000 cash in Prizemoney, along with Trophies, Trophy Saddles and various other prizes to be won. It is, and has been for many years, regarded as the Australian Championship Campdraft.

Pryde’s EasiFeed Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft is back for 2023

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Campdrafting at its very essence is a display of great horsemanship. It is a unique Australian Sport. It requires a rider to focus on and simultaneously navigate two animals with precision and fast judgement.
The competition begins with a drawn order of riders in the draft. A small herd of cattle, most commonly referred to as a “camp” are penned into a small yard.
The rider has to show their ability to cut a beast from the camp on horseback and show their control with at least two or three turns of the beast whilst blocking it from its herd.
The rider then calls for the gate to be opened and begins the set course.
The course consists of a first peg, a second peg and finally two pegs known as “the gate”.
The rider drafts the beast in a figure of eight around the first two pegs before finally coming through the gate.
If the stockwhip cracks, the round is over either because the rider and horse have let the beast get away or the allowed time has been reached.
Up to a total of 100 points are scored by horse and rider: Cut out is worth a total of 26 points; horse work up to a further 70 points; and 4 points for the course (2 points for the first peg, 1 point for the second peg and 1 point for the gate).
It is a remarkable sport with the first formal Campdrafting competition held not far from Warwick, at the Tenterfield Show in Tenterfield in 1885.
Clarence Smith, a cattleman and horse breeder, created the rules for Campdrafting and on the 120th anniversary of the event a monument was commemorated in his honour which can be found at the Tenterfield Showgrounds.

Pryde’s EasiFeed Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft

2023 – $137,900 Prize Money & Trophies  – Winner receives $35,000 prize money + The Warwick Gold Cup + Tony Gifford Custom Trophy Saddle .  Highest Aggregate Cut Out – Perpetual Trophy sponsored by the Gesler Family + a set of Spurs donated by Glenvale Forge 
Nomination Fee: $470 per horse (restricted to 4 horses per rider)
Judge: Warwick Lawrence & Stewart Wallace


Ascot Angus & Charolais Canning Downs Campdraft

2023 – $73,060 in Prize Money and Trophies – Winner receives $15,000 prize money + Canning Downs Trophy + Bernie Brady Trophy Saddle.
Campdrafting is a traditional Australian event, the late Mr C E Barnes wished to promote the use of the Australian Bushman’s dress and saddlery in this event.
Nomination Fee: $355 per horse (Restricted to 2 horses per rider)
Judge: Leon Schwager & Steven Wells 

RDO Equipment Ladies Silver Cup Campdraft

2023 – $15,790  Prize Money and Trophies – Winner receives $3,150 prize money + Ladies Silver Cup + Australian Stockmans Saddlery Trophy Saddle.
Nomination Fee: $310 per horse (Restricted to one horse per rider)
Judge:  Megan Rogan

Frasers Livestock Transport Stallion Campdraft

2023 – $21, 000 Prize Money, Trophy & Rug – Winner receives $5,250 prize money + Frank Heywood Trophy Saddle valued at $4,500.
Nomination Fee: $310 per horse
Judge: Ian Atthow
This campdraft is open to Stallions of all breeds. Competitors in the Stallion Draft are requested to complete the breeding form provided.

Webuild Champion of Champions

2023 – $26,250 Prize Money, Trophy & Rug
Nomination Fee:
$550 per horse (Maximum of 100 horses – One horse per rider)
Megan Rogan & Ian Atthow
This is for OPEN horses ONLY which have won THREE open Campdrafts.

Triple Crown of Campdrafting

$60,000 Prize Money (maximum)
The same horse and rider combination must win all three open drafts at the Condamine Bell, Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and Warwick Gold

Highest Aggregate over nine rounds: Available to the same horse and rider combination scoring the highest aggregate in first, second and final (must compete in all 9 rounds) of these same three campdrafts.
Free service to AMACDRYDUST , kindly donated by Bruce and Julie McNaughton plus an embryo package, valued at $5 000 (your choice of breeding) kindly donated by Equivet at Southbrook.

The Dolly Everett Memorial Ladies Series

The Dolly Everett Memorial Ladies Series, run over Condamine, Chinchilla & Warwick Ladies Campdrafts, will be presented after the Ladies Silver Cup Presentation.

Campdraft Forms

Biosecurity Horse Health Declaration/Movement Record
Horse Event Participant Waiver, Release and Acknowledgement Form

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