Art Union Prize Draw

2023 Winners
Let’s wrap-up the lucky winners of this year’s Art Union raffle which raised funds for the Protea Place Women’s Support Centre in Warwick.
Shane Palmer left this year’s Ariat Austraia Warwick Rodeo and Pryde’s EasiFeed Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft a whopping $35,000 richer after his draw, Michael Hiscock on Advice won the Cup with a 266.
The $500 winners were –
  • Jessica Janek who drew Peter Black on Yaven Freestyler
  • Charlie Song who drew Jason Comiskey on Saintly
  • Suzanne Argue who drew Richard Hansen on 49ER Shake
  • Megan Lawler who drew Jason Hoffmann on Lady Antebellum
  • Lynelle Corbould who drew Ben Hall on Chisums Cash
  • Rachael Benz who drew Leah Whitehead on Calinda Miss Leony Jane
  • Lauren Jones who drew Matthew Moffat on She B A Cat
  • Hugh Miles who drew Bronwen Upjohn on Cliffy
  • Chris O’Shea who drew Luke Whitehead on Courtney
  • Daph Parker who drew Melissa Gilbert on Gilview Manshy
  • Steve Brigginshaw who drew James Moorehead on Style N Blues
  • Riley Griffiths who drew Shari Knudsen on One Time Crimson
  • Wade Tuckett who drew Ingrid Mitchell on Mt Owenee Rob Roy
  • Aimee Munro who drew Wally Rea on Annie
  • Roger obst who drew Celine Bielenberg on Whos Wonder Cat
  • Jason Harm who drew Ben Hall on Halls Eltorrio
  • Kylie Barnett Tapp who drew Mat Durkin on Fancy Man
  • Angus Rigney who drew Mark Ruff on Bulla Martha
  • Natasha Clack who drew Steven Hart on Yaven Smooth Spin
  • Guido Cacciaguerra who drew Nicholas Markwell on Ladybrook Devine Acres
  • Angus Munro who drew Lachlan Thomson on Crokers Stud Reset
  • Kerri Wall who drew Aaron Willis on Halls Cosmo
  • Oliver Dugdale who drew Will Durkin on Hazelwood Conspiracy
  • Josh Herrmann who drew Robert Plant on Gabrielle
  • Greg Stewart who drew Lyn Kelly-Hofman on Kellyville Mattea
  • Laura Gray who drew Mark Buttsworth on Nonda Southern Cross
  • Maree Brown who drew Shari Knudseon on Chics Playgirl
Thank you to everyone for supporting this wonderful cause – we hope you all enjoy your stash of cash!