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Countdown to the 2024 Spano's IGA Warwick Show is on!








The Warwick Agricultural Show is a showcase for our region’s quality produce, livestock and farming, cooking  and local community spirit. This year’s theme is Sow it, Grow it, Show it and it will be full of action packed events, with plenty of entertainment, music and community engagement.

We are once again hoping to have your valued support in continuing the resurgence of our local show from the 22nd – 24th of March 2024.



D’Aguilar Wildlife

We are excited to announce that D’Aguilar Wildlife will be showcasing at our 2024 Warwick Show! It is the largest Mobile Wildlife Display in Australia!

You will be able to stroke, pat and hold friendly native animals.

“This unique experience has been designed with our Koalas in mind, but is also host to a number of other native species which may include Reptiles such as Pythons, different dragons and skink species, turtles and of course, Australia’s largest reptile, the Estuarine Crocodile. Our beautiful birds could not be forgotten and along with the camouflaged Tawny Frogmouth you could also meet an Australian Pelican, Brolga, Cockatoo species or even a Southern Cassowary. The Koalas don’t want to do it alone, so we may bring their Glider, Wombat or Echidna buddies as well.

This is the only display in Australia to be able to offer such a diverse range of enigmatic species.”


Coastal Kelpie Stud

This year the 2024 Warwick Show welcomes the Coastal Kelpie Stud which is an exciting and entertaining display of Kelpies and their ability to perform high jumps, sometimes even reaching heights of 2.87m!

“My name is Gail and Sarah, mother and daughter, and we run the Coastal Kelpie Stud Dog high jump. 

We have successfully run several rural shows around South East Queensland and generated a large response and following from the show societies and their audiences. We have created a circuit of shows in SEQ to which competitors and fans have followed throughout the show season.”





Helly Hoops

We are excited to see Helly Hoops perform at our 2024 Warwick Show!

Helly is a trained hula hoop performer and teacher, bringing parties and events to life.

From fire to LED to bubbles, she has it all. Get ready to rove, it’s not to be missed!

Cowgirls with Wings Trick Riding

Keep an eye out for the exciting and daring Cowgirls with Wings Trick Riding! The act includes Dayna and her horse, covered in LED lights, in a brilliant show of trust and ability as she performs bold and exhilarating tricks.

“Dayna started Trick Riding at age 14 and has been performing as a professional Trick Rider and entertainer for 8 years now. She’s Currently the only trick rider that performs across South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra and the Northern Territory. Dayna showcases the true American version of trick riding across Australia, where she hangs upside down, stands up and does many more gymnastics stunts all while on a galloping horse. Daynas is also currently the only girl in Australia that can perform the trick the backbend.”

Trackskill V8 show

Get ready for the daring, the thrilling Trackskill V8 Show!

Gary Baxter, Trackskill Director, started Trackskill in Adelaide in 1997 armed with a wealth of motorsport experience.

He is a two-time Australian ROH Wheels Commodore Cup Champion, having taken out the series in both 1995 and 1996.He has raced V8 Utes, V8 Supercars, GTP and Formula 5000 and many motorcycles winning championships in the late 80’s.
Gary has been performing at Royal shows sliding and spinning V8s around a circuit impressing hundreds of thousands of people. He performs Stunts for movies Australian, US, English and Chinese. He is one of a few people in SA qualified to deliver the Nationally accredited TLIC3036 Driver training.
He has even doubled for Peter Brock and Alan Moffat in TV ads!

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