Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The riding style is Australian stock, somewhat akin to American Western riding and the event is similar to the American stock horse events such as cutting, working cow horse, team penning, and ranch sorting.

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In a campdrafting competition, a rider on horseback must “cut out” one beast from the mob of cattle in the yard or the “camp” and block and turn the beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control; then take it out of the yard and through a course around pegs involving right and left hand turns in a figure eight, before guiding it through two pegs known as “the gate”. The outside course must be completed in less than 40 seconds. Events for juniors 8 years and under 13 years have one sound beast in the camp or yard at all times. In other events it is recommended that there shall be a minimum of six head of sound stock in the camp at any time. Up to a total of 100 points are scored by horse and rider: “Cut out” is worth a total of 26 points; horse work up to a further 70 points; and 4 points for the course. Most disqualifications (signalled by a crack of the judge’s stockwhip) occur when a competitor loses his beast more than twice on the camp; losing control of the beast in the arena or running a beast onto the arena fence. A “tail turn” executed by a horse in the opposite direction of the beast’s line of travel also incurs disqualification at any stage of the draft. The sport requires consummate skill and horsemanship, and the skill in selecting a beast from the mob that will run well, but is not too fast for that particular horse. Great prestige is bestowed on the winning horse and rider of the competition.


The traditional Australian event of campdrafting kicks off the program, with the first round of the Canning Downs/Black Toyota Canning Downs Campdraft followed by the first rounds of – the Pryde’s Easifeed Warwick Gold Cup, Vanderfield Hino Ladies Silver Cup, and the Frasers Transport Stallion Draft.

Known by many as the “Melbourne Cup” of campdrafting, the Warwick Gold Cup attracts more riders and offers more prize money than any other campdraft in Australia. Worth over $55,000 plus a gold cup and a trophy saddle, it is, and has been for many years, regarded as the Australian Championship Campdraft.

The Canning Downs Campdraft also offers a significant prize worth $25,000 and its own trophy saddle as does Saturday’s $5,000 Stallion Campdraft.


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2016 Warwick Campdraft Schedule

2016 Combined Program of Events

The nominations for the 2016 Warwick Campdraft will open 26th September 2016 at 8.00pm AEST. Nominations will be open at Campdraft Central. 



Congratulations to all 2015 Competitors, it was a brilliant week.

2015 Warwick Campdraft – Finals Results

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Applications for Trade Space at the 2016 Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft and Rodeo are now closed. If you have already submitted an application, you will be notified by early September as to whether you are successful. Please read the Conditions form and List of Banned Items form carefully. For 2017 Trade Space Applications, please come back to our website in June 2017.

List of Banned Items – 2016

Conditions of Application 2016

Warwick Gold Cup

Pryde’s EasiFeed Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft

Storm_LAHIFF_Gold Cup_Warwick_Oct_2015_presentations-20(2)prydes_easifeed

$92,550.00 Prize money & Trophies Winner receives $22,000 prize money + The Warwick Gold Cup valued at $4760 + Australian Stockmans Saddlery Trophy Saddle valued at $4500

Nomination fee $340 per horse
Judge: Mr Matthew McCormack

Canning Downs Campdraft

Black Toyota Canning Downs Campdraft

canning    toyota


$43,150.00 Prize money and Trophies. Winner receives $6500 prize money + Canning Downs Trophy valued at $1500 + Ken Read Trophy Saddle valued at $4400.
Campdrafting is a traditional Australian event, the late Mr C E Barnes wished to promote the use of the Australian Bushman’s dress and saddlery in this event.

Nomination Fee $260 per horse
Judge: Mr Stephen Sheppard

Ladies Silver Cup

Vanderfield Hino Ladies Silver Cup Campdraft

block_img$10,450.00 Prize money and trophies. Winner receives $2800 prize money + Ladies Silver Cup valued at $1175 + Australian Stockmans Saddlery Trophy Saddle valued at $4500.

Nomination fee $200 per horse
Judge: Ms Lauren Perrett

Champion of Champions

block_imageMaydan Feedlot Champion of Champions Campdraft

$22,605 Prize Money, Trophy
Winner receives $7210 Prize Money (1st to 6th place receive prize money)

Nomination fee $500 per horse Maximum of 50 horses – One horse per rider For OPEN horses ONLY which have won THREE open campdrafts. If insufficient entries received, event may be cancelled at the discretion of the Committee.

Stallion block_imageCampdraft

$19,600 Prize money and Trophy+ Rug. Winner receives $5000 prize money + Frank Heywood Trophy Saddle valued at $2750.
Nomination Fee $260 per horse
Judge: Mr Lindsay Anderson
This campdraft is open to Stallions of all breeds. Competitors in the Stallion Draft are requested to complete the breeding form provided.


Triple Crown



The winner must win all  three of the:
–   Condamine Bell Open Campdraft
–   Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Open Campdraft
–   Pryde’s EasiFeed Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft
With the same Horse and Rider Combination

Highest Aggregate rider of the three finals

Thanks to Terry & Christine Hall who have offered a free service fee for Hazelwood Conman
Thanks to Robyn & Max from Equivet Australia Pty Ltd at Southbrook who will donate $1500 towards the cost of an embryo transfer.

Must be the same horse & rider combination
*Maximum $30,000 payout

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